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Watch Stephen Fry Demonstrate an Apple Slinky as his #9 Top Gadget:

Apple Slicer Corer and Peeler

One of the Worlds Best Gadgets!

Apple Slinky Machines make eating apples fun and encourage kids to eat healthy snacks! They are also an intriguing conversation starter for guests.

I’ve included an eBook compilation of the best tasting, simplest, work-every-time apple recipes from my mother, other hard working housewives, mothers, family friends and cooks.

Why buy from me? Because I’m not a company or corporation. I provide personal service to every customer and fix any problem personally.

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Apple Slinky Machine:

Apple Slinky Machine

“Peels, Cores & Slices Apples in Seconds Making a Delicious Slinky Apple!”

  • Makes Eating Apples Fun for Kids
  • Makes Quick, Healthy Snacks
  • Also works with potatoes (slinky chips) and pears
  • Safe for Children to Use
  • Can just core & slice, or just peel
  • Sturdy construction

Top Apple Recipe eBook:

Apple Slinky Recipes

“A Compilation of the Best Tried & Tested, Work-Great-Every-Time Apple Recipes with Clear, Easy Steps!”

  • Included recipes are easy, have few steps & are consistent
  • Includes: Apple Caramel Pudding, Slinky Toffee Apples, Apple & Walnut Cake, & Failproof Homemade Custard
  • Formatted for easy viewing and printing

Total Price: $27.99

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We received the apple slinky yesterday and my daughter absolutely loves it. Thanks so much for getting it to us so quickly and also for the recipe book.
So appreciated your prompt action – have a lot on at the moment so to have the matter handled so fast and positively was brilliant. So once again. a very big thanks 🙂
Many thanks for the cook book – its great.
I’ve just had a glance at the recipes. Yummeeeeeee! Typo on the last page. I think you mean “chef” not “chief”. You’ve done a great job!
Ordering something online can be hit or miss – I have waited up to three weeks to receive something promised overnight – so how very refreshing that not only was my product delivered quickly, Justin stayed in touch to let me know that I should have an Australian Post card as I wasn’t home when they tried to deliver. This is a first for me – online getting personal – impressive in any service arena!
Thanks Justin all good and much appreciated. We used the slinkys at a public event a couple of weeks ago and they worked well and were very popular with young people – We gave away around 300 apples at the event most would have been slinkied
Thanks Justin – just downloaded the recipe book. Looks fantastic!!! We’ll sure give you some feedback after trying some recipes.